Adjustable Wrap Fleur-de-Lis cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver 925


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Looking for a beautiful Fleur-de-Lis wrap-around Bracelet in your size?
You have just found the perfect one right here!
We handmake them upon order in your size.

We offer it in standard sizes or comment for specific size if not listed.

Small (5.5 inch to 6.5 inch wrists) Fits women with small bones

Medium (7 to 8 inch wrist) common size for ladies

Large (8.5 to 9.5 inch) big bones women

XL (comment to specify we can make it up to 12 inches)

Condition: Brand new
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Size: 22mm by 14mm (fleur-de-lys alone)
Finishes: Highly Polished finish

Stamped "925"

Comes with jewelry box